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Zach Rethorn, PT, DPT

 Sitting has been called the new smoking. You might have tried massage, chiropractic work, and medication and found those things might feel good for a day, but are not long term solutions. 


We are so confident we can curb that cycle that we are willing to give you a free 20 minute session.


Dr. Zachary D. Rethorn is a:

  • board certified orthopedic physical therapist

  • expert in orthopedics and persistent pain

  • professor at Duke University 

He has been highly successful in treating developers with headaches, neck & back pain, and wrist & elbow pain - some in just a few sessions. Why not let us provide proof of how effective this treatment is with a FREE 20 minute session? 



Coders agree - online PT solves the problems that others haven't.