Physical Therapy
Whole Person Health

Teaching people how to get unstuck in their pain and moving toward flourishing

Move forward in your physical health

Work with licensed physical therapists who prioritize you & your schedule. Receive treatment from the comfort of your home. We serve our patients & clients at the highest level by offering exclusive one on one physical therapy. Coupled with our exceptional skilled care, clients not only reduce symptoms, but UNDERSTAND them, enabling them to grow more into who they really are.

Don't take our word for it

Flexible Location

Save time in your day by eliminating the drive to and from a clinic

Flexible Communication

Keep up with your independent exercise with high quality video demonstration and weekly tracking via PhysiApp.

Flexible Time Frame

Travel for work and concerned about consistency? Stay on track and be held accountable with virtual interactive/guided sessions with your therapist.

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We're here to help

Not sure if you need a physical therapist or a physician? Don't know the next step? Request to speak with a member of Rethorn PT who can educate, empower and guide you in the right direction for your health.

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